Saturday, September 21, 2013

Glass Jar Labeling: Kitchen Edition

 You will need:
-Paint pens for glass
-Glass containers

So I bought all of the above and some stencils.  I was going to stencil really cute letters on these jars.  That was all great and good until my stencils did not work for the letters and kept smearing EVERYWHERE.

No matter, always have a plan B ready or be ready to reverse engineer a new path on the fly.

The beauty of glass jars is that they are clear.  When I figured out my stencil idea wasn't going to pan out, I traced the outline of the sides of the jar onto paper.  I then wrote with pencil what I wanted the jars to have on them.
I laid the jars back down on the paper, closed one eye since I needed to be precise and I was so close to them, and used the paper as a guide for the style and spacing of my letters.

Then I just added some freehand decorative bits next to them. 

If you mess up, find some Goof Off wipes or similar if it is already dry.  It takes these pens a little bit to dry so if you mess up on the fly, just wipe it right off.  One way or another, there is always a way to correct things.

I got these cool jars at Hobby Lobby for just a little over $5 for the biggest and less for the other two.  I am obviously going to put my favorite ingredients in them to make my kitchen island a little more visually appealing.

For something like quinoa, consider writing on the back the cooking directions as well unless you just happen to use it so much that you know it by heart. I often get my water to product ratios confused.  Just a thought!

Overall I spent less than $40 and I have 3 large and two of each smaller size.  Once finished, I will have a quinoa, panko, corn flour, oats, flour, wheat flour, and sugar containers.

You could also get a white paint pen and label the lids if that would work better for the jars you find or for where they will be stored.

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