Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two Tier Teal and Purple Cake

Something I really like doing is taking cakes that were originally done in fondant and making them in icing.  As I am not a fan of fondant, to me it makes a cake more delicious when you can recreate it like this.

I use the Wilton Base Ice tip to put a pretty thick layer of icing around my sides (I do two rows around instead of up and down).  We smooth out our cakes with an offset spatula dipped in the hottest of hot waters.  I smooth out the top first, then smear any icing hanging over down the sides, smooth the sides, and then pull any icing that has come up over the top in toward the center with the tip of my spatula.

Usually, by the second time I smooth out the top, the cake is smooth enough that I don't need top piping if I want to avoid it.

For this, I used the tip I would typically pipe with and make scrolls.  For best results, I like to use the tip to draw out my scroll, then come back and do another layer over it to make it stand up and look better. 

Before we scrolled, we used Wilton's color spray to lightly dye the base icing purple.

Next we used our big cupcake tip and made teal pseudo-flowers all over the top of the cake.  We put big pearly purple gumballs in the center of these. I came back and did smaller flowers with small purple candy pearls in them as well. 

And as all cakes should, we finished it off with sparkly sugar.

We were exceptionally happy how this cake turned out.  I think it has a very princess-y, whimsical flair to it.

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