Friday, September 13, 2013

Superhero Coasters

You will need:
-4x4 canvases
-watercolor paints and a brush
-a pencil
-Mod Podge and/or Spray Polyurethane and/or your sealant of choice

I bought a 24 pack of small canvases from and I already had the rest of the goods.  

First, I found some pictures online to base my drawings off of.  You will want to find things you can work with.  I knew, for instance, that I could not do Captain America's face, so I opted for the shield instead. 

Draw out your design with pencil first, then you can start painting.  I suggest starting with a base layer of a color, like a lighter green/yellow for the hulk for instance.  Then, I like to bring in black lines.  Next, I will come in with a darker green and work near the black lines to soften them and add in some shadow.

If you need to lighten anything, just hit it with a little water on the brush and it should reactivate and smear a little better.

Add in the remaining shades of color, and go back and hit some of the lines again with black if they need to darken up a bit.

Remember, the more abstract you make the design, the less accurate it technically needs to be haha!

When you are done painting them.  I would suggest a little spray sealant before breaking out the Mod Podge.  That way, you make sure all this water loving paint speckles stay right where they are.  If you want to just use mod, sponge it on that way it isn't any smearing of loveliness.  If you want a backing on them, allow me to suggest shelf liner.  It cuts easily and is great for coasters of any variety.  Attach with E6000.

I was going to give these as a gift...but they are far too cool so they will be mine.  I will have to order more canvas to make some gifts. ;)

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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