Saturday, March 9, 2013

Knitted Headband with a Bow (using hat loom)

You need 2 colors of yarn and a hat loom kit.  I used the large hoop and the second to the smallest loop, but the smallest one would also be perfectly acceptable.

You will tie the yarn colors to the side peg to keep them in place on the large loom and loop them both around the pegs in two rows to start out with.  Next, use the hook to take the bottom loop over the top, going all the way around.  When you later do this on the small one to make the bow, you might have to go back around the bottom loops and pull them all again to get everything.  It pretty much doubles the work, but it helps keep things nice and tight.

You will then scoot the loops down on the pegs, add another layer, bottom up and over the top again, pull the bottoms once you get all the way around and retighten, and repeat repeat repeat.

You will make it twice as long as you want the headband to be, because you will fold it and loop it back up.  Attach the very bottom of the headband back onto the pegs and pull the loops over when you have it to the length you want. 

I do something a little bit different than some, I don't cut my cord for the headband.  Instead, I leave a lot of extra string on there and use it to lace through the remaining row of loops and pop them off the pegs.

I end where my starter string still is and then tie them together.  Keep in mind that you don't want to pull this cord real tight unless you need it tight.  You don't want it to cut in your head.  The good thing is, a little bit of tightness really helps to keep it in place.

You will pretty much do all this same process for the little bow. On this one, once I got all the loops up and over, I had to go through pulling the bottom row all the way around to get it all back tight.  It was a little frustrating.

But the end product is SUPER CUTE, so I will tolerate it.

 I really think I just wanted the picture of the mini loop and the grey bow because it made my rippy jeans look like cool kid jeans.  ;)

Anyway, I opted to make the bow solid grey because the band is so loud.  I pulled the middle of the bow down and wrapped grey yarn around it a lot to make a big center in it.  I kept a lot of length on the end, and used the remaining yard to essentially sew it to the headband with the little needle thing in my kit.

My mom is still currently detangling my grey yarn nightmare that I created in all of this... thanks mom!

I tied the string around the back through a headband loop to secure it.  If you don't want the bow to move, you will want to go through the sides of it to keep them in place.  Don't worry too much about placement so much as angle, you can always readjust where it is on your head.

I spent a solid ten minutes thinking about where on the headband I wanted it only to realize that it did not matter as I could just turn it on my head.  I will save you the trouble.  Haha.

Forgive me for not going to great lengths to look all fancy for headband pictures.  Spring Break includes a whole lot of not caring on my part when it comes to things

Pink is in no way shape or form one of my favorite colors, but I do really like neons.  AND I think the grey works well to tone down the pinksanity.

What the grey does not do is untangle easily...seriously how does this even happen?

Yarn apparently hates me.

I bought super soft yarn from Joann's and Michaels, only to discover Hobby Lobby had it cheaper last week...

Oh well.  I tried.

Anyway, to recap you can certainly use the smaller loop for the bow to make a cute and compact jaunty bow.  The instructions in my kit have ones for flowers, but you know how I am about anything that resembles a recipe.  It pretty much just isn't going to happen.  But I DO think the flower theory with one on the bigger small loop and another color from the smallest loop tied together would make a cute flower.

I love earwarmers, and I am a little sad that I did not learn this earlier in the season! However, I will be well prepared for next winter.  Warm ears, all day every day.

Happy crafting!

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