Thursday, September 12, 2013

Delicious Warm Garden Salad with Craisins, Bacon, Feta

 Ingredients, per one serving:
-1 C spinach leaves
-6 asparagus spears
-1/2 summer squash, sliced
-1/4 C corn
-2 okra, sliced
-1 Strip of bacon
-1/4 C feta
-Handful craisins or dried berries
-Salt and pepper
-Lemon wedge

Let me just start out by saying, this was the best salad I have eaten in a long time.  I am a new fan of warm salads.

I cooked everything in the same skillet.  First, I cut my bacon slice in half to make it fit better and tossed it and the veggies (not the spinach leaves) in the skillet.
Cook everything as is, salting the veggies but avoiding the bacon obviously, until the bacon is crispy.  I added just a few tiny little pieces of onion in mine as well.  Remove the bacon and drain on a paper towel.

Readjust the veggies toward the middle of the pan to get the heat, add just a little water, and put a lid on the skillet to let it all steam.  I would say let it steam 5-10 minutes, depending on how squishy you like your veggies, but adjust accordingly.

Remove the lid and let it cook for another couple of minutes to let some of the water evaporate.  Get a bowl with your spinach ready. I cut the asparagus in the pan, which I probably should not do since it could ruin the finish, but what can I say I am a rebel.

Anyway, toss the veggies in straight on top the spinach.  This will cause it to wilt and soften a little and it is majorly yummy.  Toss on the feta and berries, and add just a little pepper to the salad.  Cut the bacon into little pieces, add to the salad, and squeeze a little lemon juice on top.

Devour.  And enjoy.  I would seriously eat this salad all the time! I would have liked it a little better with some tomatoes in it, but my fridge was sadly lacking. 

For just one little piece of bacon, this salad had some amazing flavor.  AMAZING.  I really do not ever get excited about salads. I am actually excited about being excited...

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