Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday Zone: Construction Themed Cake

This is a very cute and special cake my mom did recently for an equally cute and special little boy.  Though I was not involved in this cake, it definitely deserved a spot in the 365 Day Craft Challenge.  It is just too cute!

The best part about this cake was that the father built the little structure to go on the cake.  I love to see people getting involved and being a part of cakes, and it really made this extra special.

There are a lot of things you can use to make this cake happen.  Some of the favorites include cocoa powder dirt and heath bit rocks.  If you need darker dirt, crumble up oreos or graham crackers! 

The decorations on the side are done in a combination of fondant pieces and chocolate letters. Stick them on with a little dab of icing. 

The trucks are a great way to decorate a cake for a young one, as they get to play with them after the cake has disappeared.  Plus, seriously, who wants to sit around and try to make an edible truck?

I proposed after this cake was finished that chocolate donuts may make great tires in the future for things we are doing.  I thought of that at 3AM after watching way too much Dr. Who at one time...

Making cakes that look like a play scene is a fun way to celebrate a kids birthday.  Consider this type of idea for race cars, horses/farms, construction zones, and any other favorite that you can find figurines for.

And don't be afraid to get involved with a cake! It made this cake even more special to have that structure.

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