Thursday, September 19, 2013

Basketball Cookies

You will need:
-Royal icing in orange and black
-Fondant letters and numbers
-Sugar cookies

My mom and sister tag teamed on these cool cookies for the basketball team.

It is really easy to add in fondant and/or chocolate in to royal icing, just set them in before it sets completely.  The same goes for the sparkly sugar. 

My best suggestion is to put outlines and some linework in first.  For these, that would putting the black lines on and doing an orange outline.  After these set up a little, it makes it much simpler to fill in the rest of the orange without everything running all round and getting messy.  Right when you get it all filled in you can pop in the fondant or chocolate numbers and just leave them out to sit.

When royal icing dries, these cookies should be perfectly stackable and totally delectable!

Not to mention, they are adorable.

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