Monday, September 2, 2013

4H Pig Cookies

So, summer and fair season may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't still have a nice little tribute to something so close to many communities: 4-H! As I am from a small town, we are especially fond of 4-H here and farming and livestock and all other sorts of shenanigans.

These cookies were done with edible images for the square 4H emblem cookies, and a cute pig cutter for the others. Check a local bakery supply store or similar for the availability of getting the images to make the cookies yourself, or for having someone make them for you.  We have a bakery material supply store nearby that will print them.

Now, a pink pig is pretty cute in and of itself, but a spotty little pig is even more adorable and far more appropriate for this particular order. You even could stick the big sugar googly-eyes on these for an extra level of fun.

These are great for end of season parties and similar for any of your favorite little 4-H-er's. 

These are decorated with royal icing, and we suggest either making a stiffer version for outlines, or at a minimum putting the outline on first and then filling in the center.

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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