Thursday, August 1, 2013

Race Car Cake

The theory behind this cake was simple.  However, this cake gave me particular issues.  I happen to be able to melt icing severely, I have unreasonably hot hands.  Mindboggling.

Anyway, I used the largest Wilton tip that people use to ice the sides of cake and made a black track with the ridges up.  I lined the track in red and white piping and used the little grass tip to make an infield.

I went ahead and piped a start line, because birthdays are beginnings and not finish lines (well and "Finish" wouldn't fit on my track).

I streaked a little red in with the sides and piped the name and a few little flags.  Basically I did the streaks just by putting a few small lines in and then used a spatula to flatten them out.

We put cars, a 5 candle, and 3 flags at jaunty angles to finish it off.

It is a small cake for a small party, but let's face it...

All he is going to care about is the cars. :)

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