Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cheesy Chipotle Corn Muffins

The recipe I adapted this from can be found at http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/patrick-and-gina-neely/chipotle-cornbread-recipe/index.html

I halved the original recipe, so double or increase this as needed:
-1/2 C Corn Flour (I use Maseca)
-1/2 C AP Flour
-1/2 TB baking powder
-1/4 C frozen corn
-1/2 C milk (I used whole milk)
-1/2 C Colby jack cheese (original uses cheddar)
-1 egg
-1/2 TB honey
-2 TB butter, melted (I actually melted my butter by pouring about 2 tsp of boiling hot beef stock over it as it was going with my meal, so mine did have just a touch extra liquid)
-1/2 chipotle pepper, minced
-1 tsp adobo sauce (significantly less than the original, can be adjusted according to taste preferences, I like hints of chipotle)

Preheat your oven to 350 and grease a muffin tin.  I mixed my dry ingredients first, and mixed the butter (melted with stock, I don't actually have a microwave with me just yet), honey, adobo, and pepper.  I then added the egg, butter mix, corn, and cheese into the dry.  It should be on the stiff side for a batter.

I divided the batter evenly between the 6 muffin wells and baked for 20 minutes in a dark nonstick pan.  Depending on your pan and your oven they may take a little longer.  I toothpick tested mine just to make sure they were done.  20 minutes was spot on perfect for my oven (gas oven). 

You may want to up the spices in these, but I really thought they were tasty! I like the texture of these as they were a little more on the soft and moist side like a cake.  The addition of the corn is NON NEGOTIABLE! :)

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