Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nature Inspired Wedding Cake

This is going to be a real quick post as it is a design idea and not so much a process blurb.  Well, that and the fact that I am both 1) immensely tired from my first week back at college and 2) obsessed with Dr. Who and losing sleep to watch another episode.

True story. Just started watching it and I love it.

Anyway for this cake we did white scrolling on one side and a floral cascade on the other.  To make life a little simpler in a more complicated way, I piped the scrolling on the whole cake first and then went back over some of it in brown once I got a good idea of which side needed to be which and where decorations would be.

The flowers are a mix of lavender drop flowers, blue roses, and lighter blue gumpaste flowers.

To get the color of a dark periwinkle for the gumpaste, I mixed sapphire blue and lavender pearl dust in vodka to paint them.  The purple was not all that great, but mixed with the blue it made a perfect color.

There are also two shades of green leaves on the cake for some variation.

This stand makes it simple to cut a cake as it does not require layers to be taken apart.  By making a cascade it visually connects the layers and actually adds another level of decoration that can be put on.  It is definitely an easy to get along with stand.

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