Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Playing Card Cookies with Edible Images

These are sugar cookies decorated with royal icing and an edible image of a playing card on top.  You typically want to ice the cookies one at a time and put the edible images on while the cookie is wet.

These are a great little treat for big game parties, bachelor parties, and many other events.

For us, a local cake shop will print edible images.  If you don't have a shop nearby that will do them, you may be able to order these from a bakery or find similar images online at party supply sites and possibly amazon.

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  1. These cookies look very funny. Anything can be printed on edible image cookies and send to your loved one.

  2. Absolutely, they are a great way to add an edible decoration for any event! We have made some very cute ones with engagement photos on them as well, it really allows you to use those photos again and share them in a unique way!