Sunday, August 11, 2013

DIY Graduation Cap Favor Box

 You will need:
-Toilet Paper Rolls
-Black Paper
-Embroidery Thread or yarn
-Mod Podge

First, cut about a 1.25 to 1.5 section of toilet paper roll or paper towel roll.  Cut out a strip of paper wide enough to cover the roll (mine was a little bigger but that is no biggie) and long enough to go all the way around.

Attach the paper to the roll with mod podge.  Cut another strip almost the diameter of the roll.

Basically, you want to mod podge a strip in the inside that will hold some candies in. 
 You can try to make a fancy bottom. Other options would be lining the inside of the roll with something like aluminum foil, saran wrap, something of that nature.  You could glue or tape that in. Now that I think about it, a foil lining would be really cute and look more finished.  You can buy gold foils for candies if you don't want to use silver.

Maybe even attach it with double sided tape!

Cut out a square about 2.5x2.5 and attach a small strip to the back of it.  Mod podge the other end of the strip on the inside of the container, which will make a sort of hinged cap for your favor box.

 To make a tassel, I wrapped embroidery thread around my pointer and middle finger, maybe 20 times or so.  I would suggest leaving a tail out before you wrap it so that you will have it in the right spot to attach to the hat later.

Wrap some embroidery thread around the ball near the top and make a knot with the last couple of wrap arounds to secure it.  For extra security, put a little mod podge or tape on it.

Cut through the loops at the bottom to make a fluffy tassel.

Attach the tassel with glue, fill your little favor box, and have a very happy graduation.

I plan on making some of these over the next few months as I will have a graduation party next May.  By starting now, it allows me to make them at a leisurely pace.

Happy crafting!

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