Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Upcycled Headband DIY: Scrap Fabric and Stretched Out Ponytail Holders

You will need:
-A scrap of fabric just shy of stretching around your head
-1 stretched out ponytail holder

When you are deciding on if your headband piece is the right size of fabric, keep in mind a few things: is it stretchy material? how tight of fit do you want?

I used a non-stretchy material and wanted a fairly tight fit so I used one to where it just came short of the two ends meeting. 

On each end, fold the corners in to meet in the middle of the bottom.  This doesn't have to be overly precise, you just want it to taper in.  Fold each end around the ponytail holder, with about a half inch overage to place the seam.
I popped mine on my sewing machine to secure both sides.

Eventually, this headband could break if it is an especially tight fit, as some of my ponytail holders eventually break in the long run anyway.  However, this particular method will be a little less stressful on this than trying to put it around a 4th time on my hair bun.

If you have a big mane like mine, I have little doubt in my mind that you have stretched out plenty of ponytail holders. I hate to throw them away, and will sometimes use them for braids to get the most out of them. However, a good headband is pretty handy when it comes to workouts and hot summer days.
If you don't do a lot of sewing, you still have options.  Places like JoAnn's sell small scrap packs of fabric, as well as quarters of fabric, that would be perfectly useable.  Another excellent option is using some of those old college and high school shirts!

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