Monday, August 19, 2013

Nature Inspired Turtle Groom's Cake

This was easily the most fun groom's cake we have done. First off, I love turtles.  Second, it is a caramel apple cake and I loved that the bride chose a unique and fun flavor that her guy loved.

Anyway, to do this cake we made the bottom tier 2 layers and the top one a single.  We did not want it to look too much like it was trying to be a second wedding cake, but at the same time a flat cake would have been dull compared to the cake this had to sit next to.

I used the Wilton grass tip to make various heights of grass around the top and bottom of each layer in two different colors.

Using the #4 writing tip, I made cattails up the side of the bottom by drawing a single, slightly arched line and then drawing a hotdog shape near the top. I filled in the hotdog to make the top of the cattail, which is a pretty fun statement when you think about it.

I used that same tip to put some scrolled brown lines on the top tiers, which mirrored some details of the main cake.

I next went and added leaves in two colors of green around the cake, as well as lavender drop flowers. I iced little rosebuds on top of the cake by piping a small flat section directly onto the cake and lapping another layer back over it to make a flattened half loop.  Then I put one petal from each direction piped over that.

Finally, I added in some gum paste flowers that were also used on the cake.  This way, the two cakes had a lot of the same details and coordinated, but clearly stood apart as well. 

A cute little turtle, inspired by a memory from the couple's early dating, finished the cake off.  It was every bit as delicious as it was cute.

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