Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mom's Potato Soup

-2 C potato, cubed
-3 Tb butter
-2 TB very finely chopped onion
-Salt, pepper
-2.5 C Milk (cream if you want it heavier)
-Potato flakes if needed (for thickening)

Boil the potatoes with 2 TB butter, onion, salt, and a little pepper until they are tender.  Drain all but 1/4 C of the water, add the remaining TB of butter and return to a boil.

Add in the milk, cooking on medium heat, and stir until heated.  Add in 1/2 C of Colby jack cheese and potato flakes as needed to thicken.  Mom adds them 1 TB at a time until it gets to the right texture, usually adding about 3-4.  Serve when it is thickened to your liking.

Let me tell you the SECRET to the most fantastic soup we have made and eaten to date when it comes to potato soup: Spiced gouda cheese.  Now, that probably sounds really mind boggling and strange but potato soup sometimes doesn't have a real high level of pizzazz in the flavor department.  It is good, there is no doubt about that, but it doesn't always leave the taste buds tingly.

Adding in a tad of spiced gouda will do that.  It has a combination of peppers in it and it is warm like pepperjack but rich and creamy at the same time.  It is perfect!  You just need a little sprinkle of it to really make the soup stand out.

We topped this with the homemade croutons from a post a few days ago.  Other considerations are to add in a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of bacon bits to make it a loaded potato soup. 

I am back in the college land armed with a list of recipes I want to try and crafts I want to tackle, so the shenanigans will most certainly keep on rolling.  I am fresh off a fantastic internship experience and just over a day away from starting a new graduate assistantship, and I am really enjoying this kickoff to my last year of school for a while...

Even though that means I all too soon have to be an adult...hmmm...

But first, to catch up on sleep.  Because I may not have started classes yet, but I have most certainly scrambled my sleep schedule.

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