Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bridal Shower Cupcake Arrangement

For this arrangement we used 57 normal sized cupcakes and about 30 mini-cupcakes. 

This is done on a full sheet cake board covered in decorative foil (food grade).  Now, my absolute best suggestion for cupcake arrangements is this: make two flavors of cupcakes that are different colors (before they are iced). 

Arrange your cupcakes on the board beforehand, and the different colors give you a decent idea of what the final product will look like.

For cupcakes like these, I HIGHLY suggest using the good quality foil cupcake liners.  They are stiffer and they are great because you can really pack the cupcakes in tight and the stiff grooves help them stay in place.

Another thing that helps them stay a little better is to fill the sides with mini cupcakes.  This helps everything fit just so in a box during transportation, and the smaller sized cupcakes don't create a visual distraction from the dress itself.  They become a very nice compliment and background.

So you want to put your cupcakes in nice and tight first, and then decorate them.  I think that all cupcake arrangements should be required to have rosette piping because I think it makes the design look better instead of icing that sticks up really far. By piping out to the edges and having the cupcakes in close together, the icing will slightly touch between cupcakes and create a fuller and beautiful look.  I do not personally like the arrangements that use a flat sheet of icing over cupcakes as I think that looks messy when they pull apart.  These look beautiful and will be pretty even when they separate.

To make rosettes, you start piping in the middle and swirl outward and around, making sure your layers just touch. 

For the sash, we used fondant rolled thin and laid over buttercream.  We mixed some pearl dust with vodka to give it a satin sheen.  A sash was cut from more fondant and laid over the cupcakes.

The top cupcakes have small edible beads on them, the Betty Crocker Cupcake Gems that you can find at your local grocery.  As many dresses have beaded bodices, it really gives it another little special touch.

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