Friday, August 30, 2013

Peanut Butter Fudge

-3 C sugar
-1.5 sticks butter
-5 oz can evaporated milk
-1/2 jar of Marshmallow fluff mixed with enough peanut butter to make it a full jar (I would guess about a cup, I honestly did not measure...)
-1 tsp vanilla

This is adapted from the recipe on the back of marshmallow fluff jars.  I originally thought that by mixing in the peanut butter it would taste like a fluffernutter does...hence the mini marshmallows on top.

Yea it just tastes like peanut butter.  BUT it does taste fantastically rich and brilliant for peanut butter so it still has its merits.

Anyway just line a 9 inch pan with foil.  You will want to boil the butter, sugar, and milk at a rolling boil for about 4 minutes, always stirring.  I would personally suggest using a candy thermometer and waiting til it reaches 234F, again stirring constantly. 

I did not have a candy therm and I don't think I boiled mine quite long enough, just shy of it.  Mine was soft but still firm enough to handle and devour.  It was also my first time making fudge.

Anyway then you will remove it from the heat and add the fluff and peanut butter and vanilla, pour it into the pan, and let it cool.

I have a really humid apartment because I am one of those strange souls that can function without the AC going 24/7.  Definitely keep in mind that fudge can take a good long while to set, even overnight.  I had let mine set, and it was still a little soft after an overnight cooling.  My mom suggested cutting it into squares so to increase the surface area that air could get to and help the setting process.  I did that and it helped, and then eventually I popped mine in the fridge part for storage purposes, part for firming purposes, and partly just because I wanted my jelly roll pan back (I had put all of my cut pieces on there).

Anyway, the taste is amazing, I would leave off the goofy marshmallows on top they really did not pan out as well as I had hoped. 

I have been wondering what something like almond butter would taste like in a recipe like this.  I have personally never had it and it would have to be amazing to justify the cost, but I am just a curious sort.  Although, as soon as I quit slacking and start getting back on track I will own a food processor and can make my own almond butter.

It's on the agenda.

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