Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Countertop Rehab

Once upon a time there was a hideous countertop.  It looked like it was from the 80s or something and it needed a serious facelift.  So it went to the DIY doctors and asked for a second chance at FABULOUS!

Creative, is it not?  Meet our countertop:

This is kinda a before and after at the same time.  On the backsplash you can see the old countertop colors, a strange gray and white swirled pattern.

On the big part of the counter you see what we took it to.

We used Hammered Black Rustoleum Paint (can kind not the spray kind).  Let me just say that if you use it you better have a window open because it is STRONG. 

It also dries really quickly, so when you get it on the handle of your brush and you are like me and hate anything sticky you are probably going to flip out. 

Anyway, we put one coat on it, and it looks a WORLD better.  We left the chrome trim unpainted (ok fine except for where we did not see a drip...sue me) and so far have only done one coat.  Now, places where we did the trim last and had some overlap you can tell that it is overlapped.  It really doesn't look bad though, and probably would not be noticed by anyone but us. 

We used an ultra smooth roller and a very small trim brush.  It probably should have two coats to cover up any places that are thinner than others, but I dont think it is inherently necessary.

So, a $15 can of paint has saved us easily $150+ on new countertop.

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  1. I just stumbled upon your site! we are thinking about using this exact product on our counter tops. How did it hold up? did you use a poly over the top?

  2. It held up fairly well but I think we would do a poly over it next time. Depends on how much of a beating your top takes. But I feel like I remember it getting affected by heat or similar. I have since moved.