Friday, July 19, 2013

Toffee Pretzels

You need:
-1 bag of pretzel rods
-1 pack chocolate candiquick
-1 bag toffee pieces

This is so, so simple.  First off, I would like to suggest Rold Gold Pretzel Rods because they always seem to have the fewest broken pieces.

Anyway, melt the candiquick according to package instructions.  Dip the rod in by holding it at a slight angle, with the rod going diagonal across the melting tray, and spinning it to get chocolate all the way around.

If you have a really tall glass you can pour the chocolate in there and make life even simpler.

Dip 2-4 and then go back and put toffee bits on them.  You can do it right when they are done but they just don't stay as well.  I like to have a lot of good pieces on top.

I took one of the few broken pieces I had, dipped it in chocolate, and used it to drizzle chocolate over the other pretzels at the end.  It makes for a nice gourmet look.

These take hardly no time at all and make great party favors, bake sale things, gifts, and snacks.

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