Sunday, July 14, 2013

Peace Sign Tie-Dye Cake

 To make a tie-dye batter, I died white cake green, pink, yellow, and purple using regular icing coloring.  I ended up with a couple shades of the colors because I had to mix up colors twice.

First I took the pink and poured in a round bit of batter about 2 inches in diameter in the middle of the pan.  I poured a smaller (1 inch or so) circle toward one edge.  Then I took green and poured it partially over the smaller pink circle until it touched the larger. I kept doing various circles of colors in different sizes, pouring some in the middle of other circles and others more toward the edge to vary it out.

Then in the top I just squiggled some remainder colors in.  There is not a lot of need to be particular, because you are only going to see bits and pieces of each color at a time.  Just make sure that there is a lot of variation.

For the top of the cake I just piped out a green peace sign in stars.  Then I took four other colors and made swirled patterns in the open spaces.

It was a really fast cake that ended up as festive on the inside as it was on the outside!

Happy crafting!

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