Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Patriotic Marbled Jelly Roll Cake

 I used the cake part of the Taste of Home recipe found here: 
I noticed a lot of similar recipes only used 3 eggs with very similar proportions of the remaining ingredients, and I do think this batter was a bit on the egg-y side. I used almond flavor in my cake.

Anyway, scoop out a little of the batter into two separate bowls.  I put about 1/4 C in a smaller bowl to dye blue and about 1/2 C in a larger bowl to dye red.  The rest of it I left white.

 Now, let me just say that I actually baked mine in a larger pan than what I was supposed to, not realizing that what I have been calling my jelly roll pan is actually 2 inches longer and an inch wider than what jelly roll recipes call for (15x10).  If you end up with this problem, I would just draw out the correct size on the parchment paper underside and pour within those boundaries, cutting off any thin and crispy edges after baking.

I put the white layer down first to form my base.  Next, I used a spoon to drizzle really large V's in blue across the cake.  Then I made upside really large V's in red across the cake.  I kept doing this pattern, putting red where blue was before and similar, with smaller V's in more rows until I used all of my colored batter.
 If you wanted a chevron cake, you could spoon the colors into lines across the cake and drag a knife side to side through the layers, first to the right then a little further up to the left, and so on.  You could pretty easily do things like zebra print as well. 

When the cake comes out let it cool about 5 minutes, gently flip it over onto a powdered sugar-dusted flour sack dish towel.

By doing the design on the top instead of doing the design first and filling the batter over it, the outside of your cake is on the powdered sugar without having to do multiple flips.

Roll it up and let it cool completely on a wire rack.  Unroll it after it is cool and ice it as desired.  I put white buttercream and a blueberry jam filling in this one.
Roll it back up, cover in plastic wrap (keeping the seam side down), and refrigerate overnight. 

If the powdered sugar has not dissolved into the cake by the time I get home like I think it will, I will most likely either take a barely damp towel and wipe it off or make a glaze to pour over it so that the colors show through.

Happy crafting, and a very happy Fourth of July! Pin It Now!

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