Thursday, July 25, 2013

Turning Drawings into Pendants

You Need:
-Trace Paper (or regular paper, but trace is cool for see through)
-Fine Line Black Pen
-Colored pencils
-Large glass pebbles
-Mod podge and glue

First, I drew out the outline of the circle on some trace paper.  Next, on one side I did the black linework (the side that would be against the pebble).   On the other side I did the color.  Cut it out when you are done coloring.  I used colored pencils and Copic Markers, but colored pencils only would be fine too.

If you want, you could do it all on one side if you are using a solid paper instead of a see-thru one.  What I like about trace paper is that it gives you hints of color but still shows skin or whatever background fabric beneath it, which can give you a variety of looks with the same necklace.

Next, I put a very thin layer of mod podge on the pebble and put the trace layer over it.  After giving the layer a few minutes, I put another layer of mod podge on the back of the layer to seal it.  You can easily make a bail by wrapping the pendant in wire and making a loop in a section of the wire where you can attach it to a necklace or jump ring.  The easiest way to do it is to put a little E6000 on the back when you have it positioned like you want it.

I love the idea that I can make anything I want with pretty basic things.  This would be a FANTASTIC way to make your own photo jewelry and some other really unique pieces.

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