Saturday, July 27, 2013

Homemade Fresh Pizza Rolls

-Small ball of fresh mozzarella
-1 pint cherry tomatoes
-2-3 tsp herbes de provence seasoning (or pizza seasoning, I happen to not like oregano all that well)
-dash of salt
-a little sun dried tomato infused oil (I get Meijer Gold)
-wonton wrappers

Dipping sauce:
-Spoonful of Chobani 2% plain
-2 tsp basil
-1/2 tsp rosemary
-1 tsp sun dried tomato oil
-salt to taste

Dice the tomato and the cheese up into small pieces.  Mix them with the seasoning and salt in a bowl.  Put a little of the filling in the center of a wonton wrapper.  Wet three edges with a little water. 

Fold the side you did not wet over the filling.  Bring the opposite side over and press to seal.  Press the ends together firmly.  Wet the ends a little and fold them over to close the pocket completely.

Brush with a little infused oil and bake 10-15 minutes at 350. 

Like any good pizza roll, some will explode :).

Mix all the sauce ingredients together.

Then put these on your banned recipes list because you make a pig of yourself.  That is what I had to do. I will confess...I ate like 13 of them...but I loved the fresh bright flavors!

You could of course add some pepperoni or cooked sausage bits, veggies, or whatever else you like on your pizzas.  I will most likely add mushrooms to mine the next time I give in and make them.

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