Monday, July 29, 2013

Cheetah/Leopard Print Cake Design

 First of all, I don't know how we all got to calling things cheetah print that are actually leopard print.  But, I guess cheetah sounds cooler, and they definitely run faster, so this can be whatever cat you like best ;).

To do this print, I used a paintbrush (cheap-o round one) to put luster dust on the side.  I mixed a dark brown and a gold so that it would have a little luster to it. 

This is just a one layer per tier cake for a smaller party, so I kept with a smaller print. You could make the brown dots as big as you wanted for different scenarios.

Next, I just took black icing and a thicker writing tip to make squiggly C's in various directions around the cake. 
You can make them closer together, larger, smaller, all sizes...variety is what you want in any print.

You could also cut these out of fondant if you want, but to me icing just seems easier to me.

And it tastes yummy

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