Monday, July 1, 2013

Spicy Sweet Berry Adobo Sauce

-1/3 C pomegranate juice
-1/4 C diced mixed berries (I did blueberry and strawberry)
-1 TB honey
-1tsp lemon juice
-1.5 tsp adobo sauce
-1 tsp ketchup
-1 TB butter
-pinch of salt

I cooked the berries and juice on medium high with the honey and lemon juice. I let it cook about ten minutes until it started getting darker. Next, I added the adobo sauce, ketchup, and salt and butter.

I reduced the heat and let it simmer while I cooked some thin pork tenderloins.

This sauce was incredibly delicious and a thinner sauce. It
was reminiscent of bronco berry sauce that I used to get with poppers at Arby's! If it was made with raspberry, it would be a very close product to that.

It would be fantastic on fried chicken, and I think sweet potato fries would also taste delicious in it. I plan on drizzling it over pulled pork nachos for the 4th of July Festivities we are having.

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