Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pink and Zebra Sweet 16

We got to do another fun sweet 16 cake.  This pink, white, and zebra cake is done completely in buttercream with edible accents (except the sweet 16 candle).  We are not big fans of fondant, and I see no reason to do it when it is something that is 100% pipe-able like zebra. 

The main thing to remember in zebra is that the stripes are close together.  Don't space them out super far.

To do the flourishes like what is on the top layer, I do a series of lines and curves, about 4 wide, and then use a wider writing tip to make pearls.  This covers up the series of lines and adds depth to the flourishes.

There are black sixlets in the piping flowers, which were made with the big star tip for the large decorating set.

The zebra was piped in tiny stars, all of the linework is done with the same tip, because I pretty much never change mine.

The letters are done in chocolate.

It is a cake that will not only look great, but taste great too!

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