Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Softball Sweet 16 Cake

This cake turned out to be sporty and chic for a great sweet 16 cake.

The bottom half of the square layer was done in tan and leopard/cheetah print.  I would call it leopard.  But that is a discussion for a different day.

The top used the 3D ball pan from Wilton.  First, we piped the ball out in stars to get decent coverage on it.  Then, using an offset spatula dipped in super hot water, we smoothed out the icing to give it the right finish.

If you were making a tennis ball, you could definitely just leave the stars.  It would be PERFECT!

We used red piping to add the stitches.  The ball is sitting on a tiny cake board with dowels under it so that it did not sink.  We also put dowels in the ball to both hold it together and secure the overall structure.

You could use this same idea for any sport using a ball, globes, SUPER COOL GEOLOGY CAKES!, planet cakes, and on and on.  This pan has inspired me to switch my graduation party to a map themed event, as I love maps and globes.

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