Monday, July 22, 2013

Homemade Dinner Mints

Butter Mints-
-1 Stick butter
-1 lb powdered sugar
-1+ tsp half and half
-1 tsp peppermint extract*

Chocolate Mints-
-1 pack candyquick
-1 tsp peppermint extract
-candy mold in desired shape

The chocolate mints are the simplest.  For each of these, you may need to use more or less peppermint extract based on what you have.  Ours was not all that strong (McCormick), and if you have pepper mint oil you may only need a few drops.

Anyway melt the chocolate according to package directions.  Before you get it all the way melted, add the extract and stir well.  Heat for another 15 seconds until it is completely melted.  I poured it in to chocolate brick shaped mold that pops out about 64 at a time.  They are shallow, similar to an Andes. You want to pour them into the mold, refrigerate for about five minutes or until set (but not too long or they will not be shiny) and then pop them out of the mold.

For the butter mints, you will mix the ingredients together to form a dough, adding just enough half and half to get it to form a ball.  You can either shape the mints by hand (which I did...for hours...) or you can pipe it through a bag fitted with a round tip.  Snip the dough with scissors or cut with a knife.

You could press it into a sheet and cut out shapes if you needed themed ones.  I would imagine that stars would be quite cute. Let them dry at least overnight, but preferably for 24-48 hours.

Happy crafting!

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