Friday, May 31, 2013

Baby Blanket Cakes

Baby blanket cakes are a super cute design for showers, with the added benefit of being super straightforward to cut.  To make a baby blanket design on a cake, you just need something like a long metal ruler, a large spatula, or something metal with a thin edge that you can use to make straight lines across a cake. 

Judging by how big your cake is, you can decide if you want 1x1 inch squares or larger. 

Then, you will base ice the cake, getting the sides smooth but not having to be too overly concerned with the top.

Go ahead and put your piping on the edges, and use a smaller piping for the lines to make the outline of the squares.  This particular cake fills them in solid colors with piped stars, but you could also make little patterns either in the individual squares or make the squares a larger pattern like a chevron print.  To do a chevron pattern I would suggest using 2 to 3 rows of stars (depending on your square size) running from corner to corner within the square so that each square makes one side of the chevron. 

We like to put little yellow chocolate duckies on our baby shower cakes, as they are incredibly cute and highly appropriate.  Also to be considered would be flowers, monkeys, cowboy boots, etc.  With melting chocolate in an ever-increasing range of colors, it is not difficult to find something that will work with your theme.  Finish it off with some edible glitter or sugar flakes to give it a little pizzazz and enjoy!

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