Monday, May 27, 2013

Braided Ponytail

So my sister and I were discussing various Pinterest braids we had seen and I determined later that I would mess around with my hair and see what I could make my hair do.

All I can say, is I kind of wish I had ever known how to do stuff like this during volleyball season back in the day.  Keeping the mane in line was always quite the task.

To do this, I put my hair in a high ponytail.  Next, I grabbed a small section of hair from the top of my ponytail and separated it into three sections.  I crossed it in a braid for multiple crosses before I started pulling hair into it.

Next, whenever I crossed from the top down, I would pull a very small addition of hair into it.  When I crossed from the bottom side up, I did not pull hair with it. 

I did this until I got to the side, and then braided regularly (without pulling hair) until I had enough to get around my ponytail.  This just made it simpler for me than trying to figure out where to pull behind my head and underneath my ponytail holder. You could make this as tight or loose around as desired.

As always, I highly suggest learning to braid without mirrors.  For me it is a lot simpler to just think about the movements than it is to attempt to think about what direction I need to move in a mirror.

I started again pulling hair for the part that wrapped around the front.  I secured the entire braid and ponytail at the end of the ponytail holder.  You could also use a clear ponytail holder.  Other options would include braiding the last section by pulling hair from both sides to get the entire bottom into a braid.

This is a different way to change up a ponytail with a lot of variations. Like I said, this would have been FANTASTIC back when I played volleyball, and could make a reasonable beach hair as well.

Happy crafting! Pin It Now!

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