Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lingerie Cookies

We got an order to do lingerie cookies for a bachelorette party.  The girls wanting them have big fun personalities, so it was a perfect combo for the first round of these we have done.  We decided to do a mix of some that were more on the sexy side, and some that were more on the fun side.

Because let's face it, we all prefer fun-derwear deep down!

To do this, you just need your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe, a heart shaped cutter, royal icing and icing bottles, sprinkles, and desired colors.  Using a heart shaped cutter, make the tops full hearts and the bottoms hearts with the tip cut off. And make even numbers for sets!

We also did shoes for this order, and a lot ended up coordinating with our sets.  Do the outline first of one of the cookies.  If you want to give it a sparkly trim, now is the time to add edible glitter.  We used various colors of edible glitter sprinkles for trim, used round thin sprinkles to make polka dots, and so on.  Shaped sprinkles such as flowers would give you cute sets with very little hassle.

Anyway do the outline and let it sit for a few minutes, meanwhile working on other outlines.  When you go back to fill in, you will want to add in sprinkles for polka dot ones.  To get things like a zebra look, put down your base color and pull a few black thin lines through it while it is wet.  Use a toothpick and drag through the icing to make chevron looks or zebra.

I also put pink on the bottom half of a cookie, white on the top, and swirled a toothpick through to make it have an interesting varied color.  To get a really fine eyelet lace type look, use a toothpick to pull small circles with the outline icing right after you apply it.  You can always add more icing if you need.  For cheetah print, I put a dot in icing that was just starting to set and used black to make a very thin rim around the dot.

Happy crafting!

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