Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Peacock Earrings

I have really sensitive ears. I cannot wear big heavy earrings because they hurt the second I put them in.  So, in response to this, I really like feather earrings because they can be ginormous without killing my lobes.

I brought home my bead box only to remember that I took all my findings out of it and put them elsewhere....great.  So I had all sorts of cool beads and NO earring closures.  No matter, I always have spare already made jewelry around.  Go-go gadget McGuyver Crafter.

I took apart some bottle cap earrings to get the hooks.  Next, I unwrapped some wire earrings that I made a long time ago that I hated and used the hot pink wire to wrap the base of the feathers and make a loop.  Wrap them a few turns, make the loop in the middle of the wire and wrap the rest of the wire around it to both secure the feathers and secure the loop.

Next, I added a little E-6000 to the wire to finish the hold.  Then I put the hook and jump ring onto the wire loop and in just a few minutes they were ready to go.

I found these peacock feathers at a flea market of all places, but Hobby Lobby and Michael's and Amazon are other options if you just need a few. 

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