Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pendant Rehab

All you need is a pendant you took off an old necklace and a can of "Looking Glass" Spray paint by Krylon.

I wanted to redo this one because, well, I never wear purple.  Ok fine I do a little, I love purple, but I don't wear purple jewelry.

I would however like a pendant that was cool and metallic and matched with everything.  That is way more useful.

Please, by all means, do this in a well ventilated space.  Looking glass paints smells a LOT like nail polish.  It is pretty toxic.

Shake, shake, shake that can well.  SHAKE IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT.

You just need to give it a good spray, question whether it will work or not for the next five minutes as it dries, and then be astounded when you walk back in and it is dry and does look really freaking cool.

Then you just need to put it on a nifty chain and wear it around. 

You should consider a clear coat or resin to keep it on there if you just tend to rough up necklaces.  Some people, they are obnoxious and perfect and always put things back right in their place in a nice neat jewelry box where everything has a spot...

Me? I pretty much just let life happen :).  Things are often found of mine in bags or on tables or just in strange strange spots here and there....

Basically, I am a good candidate for clear coats.

Also consider other options like chalkboard (decorate with a white paint pen), the hammered metal paints, crackle paints or other textures, or glow paint (I don't know why, but that could come in handy you never know).

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