Friday, May 10, 2013

Cheap Table Rehabbing

 Materials You Will Need:
-A Table (of course)
-2 to 4 fancy shelf brackets (I bought mine at Meijer for $4 each)
-Liquid Nails
-Looking glass spray paint
-Hammered brown spray paint

I forgot to take a picture of the table beforehand, but it was a small round wood looking table (aka laminate type stuff) with a heavy base, as it was used in a restaurant.  Think table for one.

Anyway I wanted it to have some pizzazz, so I got the hair-brained scheme to see if shelf brackets would work.  They worked fantastically.  You can find some pretty ornate ones at places like Hobby Lobby.  I only got two from Meijer because it is going to be in the center of my room under a large light, and the two will face the door.  The other two would not have been as noticeable so I just chose to not worry about them.  If you are concerned with 360 degree visuals, invest in 4.

Attach the brackets with liquid nails. Putting them on the bottom was super simple because they could just rest there while they dried.  Flip your table upside down and attach them if you want to put them under the table top.

I freehand sprayed the looking glass mirror paint on the top and gave it about 5 minutes to dry.  Seriously shake that can well.

Next, I freehanded the hammered bronze around to give it a look like it faded into the mirror paint.  The easiest way to do this is just to walk around the table keeping your arm steady. A few little flaws won't be a problem at all, again it really helps the faded look.

Then I just finished up the bottom and the shelf brackets and let it all dry.

Might I suggest a well ventilated area.  The looking glass paint is especially nail-polish-y.

Possibly because the table was old and probably not really sealed, or maybe because I pretty much didn't wipe off, it ended up with a really cool faded and old look on the mirror paint.  I absolutely love it.  I may put a second coat on it tomorrow, but I am really considering just leaving it.  I love the clouded mirror look that it ended up with, and the way that the hammer paint looks a little bubbled made the fade effect I had hoped for.

This table will correct my vast oversight in buying a light that is astonishingly gorgeous but perhaps just a little long to hang from my ceiling without injuring people.

No matter, I will put a table under it, a cute and darling chair next to that, and it will face my fire and make me look like some reflective writer type or something like that.

You know, if you have a really good imagination of course.

Anyway, all in all it cost me less than 20 bucks in paint and brackets to make my table something completely unique.

If your room is not done in a lot of browns like mine will be, consider using the dark gray hammered paint.  I think that would be BEAUTIFUL on this type of a project.

Happy crafting!

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