Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tuna Salad

-2 cans of tuna in springwater
-5 boiled eggs, chopped
-1/3 C mayo (for lighter versions feel free to use a fat free or mix full fat with greek yogurt)
-2 TB finely chopped dill pickles
-Pinch of salt
-Multigrain country bread from Trader Joes

Boil and peel the eggs, super fresh eggs are a PAIN to peel so just be forewarned that if you have just picked up a carton from TJ it is probably going to be a real nightmare when you start peeling them.  Better would be using ones that have maybe been in the fridge the whole week or even that may be leftover from last week. 

Once you get them peeled and chopped you just want to mix up everything and put it on some nice toasty multigrain bread.  It works SO well with a bread that has a little texture like that.

This stuff is also completely fantastic on Ritz crackers and mini slider buns.  Triscuts are also perfectly acceptable, I would HIGHLY suggest the dill flavored ones. 

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