Monday, May 13, 2013

Color Collection: Room Rehab

We are in the midst of fixing up an old house.  Roughly 200 years type of old.  It has a lot of great details all over it.  Since I was gone all year for college, I held off on deciding on the paint color I really wanted until now. 

The inner part of the mantle was already an interesting color of green and a little worn looking. I absolutely loved it.  I knew I wanted to keep it that way, and would need colors to coordinate with it.

For the entire room, my theme is natural colors with mixed metals.  Metals are naturally occurring minerals and similar, so to me and my ex-geology self it all makes sense.

As a random sidenote, I went to DC right after my undergrad was finished and one of the places we visited was Mt Vernon.  What I noticed in Mount Vernon was all of the beautiful colors inside the house that were bold and fantastic with white trim.  I am going to do two tone walls throughout most of the room, but my mantle was going to be a statement wall of all one color.

For my mantle, it is painted with Martha Stewart's Precious Metals paint in "Bone".  It looks like a pearly white and adds a nice faint shimmer to the mantle.  I want the central part of my room to be the focus with a stunning huge light, a pretty mirror above the mantle, my rehabbed table from a few days ago, and little unique metal knick knacks and details.

For the green shown here, I used Behr paint+primer in Oregano Spice.  I absolutely 100% recommend using Behr.  It is thicker and in most cases you will only need one coat unless you are painting something obnoxious like old enamel paint.  Because it is thicker, it splatters less, which also makes me really really happy.  I love the colors and quality of Behr, however, and have yet to be unhappy with my choices.

The third color that I will be pulling in, not shown here, is a light tan in Behr called Mushroom Bisque.  I think it will work really well with the bold green color.

I absolutely adore green and white together.  As the room comes together over the next few days, more pictures will follow.  But in conclusion, buy Behr! Paint and Primer, Satin Finish.  Always satin finish.  I love the soft cozy glow of satin paint.

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