Friday, May 3, 2013

Egg Frying 101

So it's really easy to fry an egg, at least in my opinion.  I rarely break yolks, I mean super rarely, and I chalk it up to a few simple solutions.

First, I like to use butter.  Half a TB or so, you can use Pam of course but I just like butter for frying eggs.

Some people use bacon grease, I find that disgusting personally.  If that is what you prefer, go for it.  I have very particular breakfast taste buds.

Anyway first and foremost crack the egg low to the skillet.  I cannot tell you how many people I have watched break an egg too high and it bursts the second it hits the pan.  I have mine usually a couple or inches above the pan and let it slowly fall in.

Eggs are like meat.  You really only want to flip them once.  There is no need to ever have to do more than that.

So you let it cook a little over medium heat until the egg whites start to turn white and bubble.  If the heat and butter is making the egg white bubble, it is because it is firm enough to move as a unit.

Next, when you go to flip it, send your spatula under it where the yolk is.  If you see the egg in the first picture, the yolk is clearly to one side.  START TO FLIP IT FROM THAT SIDE.  There is a lot less chance of it flopping off.

And DON'T pick it up and flip it mid-air, you are asking for a break.  I like to get it just a couple inches off the skillet and pretty much roll it over itself.  If you go in right by the yolk, you don't have to worry if the whole egg is on there and you can easily roll it.

Let it cook a few more minutes after the roll, you can usually poke the white with a spatula and make sure that it is firm instead of jiggly.  As soon as the white is firmed on the bottom side you are good to go and can slide it out onto your plate.

Gravity is not the friend of an uncooked egg. Don't fight it, use it to your benefit.  Cruddy pans are no good either, you HAVE to have a good skillet in life.

This may seem a very goofy craft of the day, but for anyone just starting out on their own, or in college, or whatever, it might come as some nice helpful tips.

I would have found it quite helpful when I began college!

I only like my eggs over easy and scrambled, so nailing a fried egg in the morning can make or break a day for me ;). 

Happy crafting!

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