Friday, May 17, 2013

Decorating Idea: Martini Themed Cookies

Well, I don't know why this particular picture will not ROTATE since it shows it the right direction on my computer.  However, I think you can get the idea.

To do these cookies, I did the white outline first and put white sparkly sugar on the top rim.  I did that on all the cookies and let it dry before I moved on to filling them in.

Using the white again, I filled in the center of the glass.  I mixed up a little vodka and some green luster dust in a mountain dew cap (the perfect size for this kind of thing) and painted the royal icing while it was still wet. You can basically just dab it in and around and make a fantastic varied color. 

Next, while the green glass part was still wet I gently put a black line through it, stopping at the rim and with a little piece above the rim to represent the stick for the olives.

Using 3 small green edible pearls I made the olives to complete the martini.  You could very much do this with any color you like and use pink pearls or red ones to represent a cherry or similar.

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