Monday, May 20, 2013

Softball Cookies

All you need for this is red and yellow royal icing.  If you are doing baseballs, you want white and red but softballs tend to be yellow with red stitching.  Of course, if you have a themed party to a certain color you can always do that as well.

I suggest doing the stitches first and letting them set up a few minutes.  If they run or blur or anything goes wrong it will allow you to correct it on the fly with the yellow color.  If you do the yellow first, you can try to thread the red in while it is wet but it will be extremely difficult to get it just like you want it.  Plus, when you think about it, stitching pulls in fabric regardless, so the slight texture of the first one drying a little is actually kind of appropriate.

If you do the yellow first and let it set up, you then run the risk of goofing your red and not having a way to go back over it.  If it trails out more than you want, or bleeds, or forms a blob, it will be really difficult to correct.  That is why I suggest red first.

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