Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hello Kitty Cake

So believe it or not, I have never really been a Hello Kitty fan.  It could partly be due to my age, although I sure do see a lot of Hello Kitty backpacks on campus and notebooks in college maybe it was just never for me.

BUT, I love to put it on a cake.  Hello Kitty, while not my cup of tea, is super cute and always fun.  The nature of the cute cat lends itself well to whimsy and fun, so that is why I offset the character to the edge.

To do this cake, I put all of the base icing on and got the cake smooth.  BEFORE I put the piping on, I used a round cake pan to press into the icing, about 2/3 of the pan over the corner of the cake.  The size you need for this will vary by how big your bottom cake is, but any mixing bowl or similar round object will be perfectly acceptable.

After that was pressed in, I used my offset spatula edge to trace in some ears.  Then, I piped the cake edges with a fluffy bright pink icing.

Like seriously, I look over at this cake right now and it hurts my eyes from across the room. 

Anyway, after the piping was finished I put a big pink bow on, that way if it overlapped the outline I would know where to pass up on black. 

Next I put in the outline, the whiskers, and the eyes.  I overlapped the whiskers on the piping to give it some more dimension, or at least pseudo-dimension.  Using white icing I put an oval on the cake and CAREFULLY put yellow sprinkles all over it.

I was not going to dye a tiny glob of icing yellow.  Plus, this is for a kid and kids LOVE sprinkles.

Heck...I love sprinkles....

I pushed the sprinkles into the oval and made sure that it was secure.

I used my same piping tip on the flowers on the side of the cake.  I all I did was make tiny rosettes right next to each other and placed a white sixlet in the middle to make them look like fluffy flowers.  I put little stars between them just to add some more fun.

The cake is on a board covered with gold foil which works remarkably well with the overall look of the cake.  It is fun, it was simple, and it is going to make some little girl very very happy.

The last finishing step was to put some edible sugar glitter within the Hello Kitty character. 

If you have a cake you want to do, consider breaking it down into its simplest components.  You would be amazed at what you can do!

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