Monday, January 7, 2013

Freezing Sauce

I don't heavily sauce things, I don't make spaghetti or pizza every week (I use the same sauce for both), and I prefer Hunt's pasta sauce which comes in a can.  I do like varieties that come in a jar, but the sauce that remains on the sides of the jar when I pour or scoop some out always molds before I can use the whole jar.

I am not cool with mold.

I have frozen alfredo sauce and pesto (usually 1 part pesto to 1 part sour cream or greek yogurt because that is how I prefer to put it in pasta dishes to make it go farther) in little containers multiple times with really good results.  However, I hate using up my little containers, and don't have enough to do small portions of all of the sauces that I like to use. Also, I have to thaw the sauce completely with this method before I use it to get it out of the containers.

One thing led to another, and it prompted me to resign one of my ice cube trays to sauce duty.  I currently have my pasta sauce freezing, I imagine it will take at least a few hours for them to get set, and then I will probably stick the whole tray in a ziploc bag.  That way, I can leave them overnight in the tray without them just being out in the open in my freezer.  Personal preference.  Plus, by putting the entire tray in the bag, I will be able to crack it and dump the cubes out without having to touch them.  I consider that even better.

Why is there a pasta picture here? Because making this pasta and opening the jar of Hunt's sauce is what prompted all of this.  I sauteed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in about a tablespoon of butter while penne was boiling.  I put a little salt and pepper and about 1-1.5 tsp of garlic cheese topper on the veggies for a little added flavor.  When they were cooked I put in some sauce and tore up spinach leaves to add in.  I let it all sit there on low heat until my pasta was done. 

First off, this was my Meatless Monday dinner, and it was great.  Second, regular spaghetti is all great and good, but I eat with my eyes as much as anything else.  Spaghetti with color and pizzazz? Right up my alley.  Plus, why not throw a little extra kick of vitamins and healthy things in.

Back to the sauce cubes.  They are 1.5 TB of sauce.  Just for reference. 

Happy crafting!

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