Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pesto-Rella Grilled Cheese

It would be more work than it is worth to get a picture to upload for this.  I am running on 3 hours of sleep, gave a presentation, had class until 9PM, and am completely and utterly exhausted. I was also starting when I got home.  I needed something quick, and grilled cheese is my comfort food.

I used wheat bread and put a slice of mozzarella (yes slice, not shredded) on one side and a smear of pesto on the other.  You know what it needed? BACON.  Please, please make this and put bacon on it.  That would be so delicious.  But I was way too hungry to wait for bacon.

I smeared some butter on one side of the outside of the samich, put a pat of butter in a skillet and plopped the samich in non-buttered side down.  Cooked it until toasty, ate, and enjoyed. 

And then I ate some more homemade graham crackers that I made yesterday. Holy cow they are YUMMY! They really do taste like graham crackers.  I know that may sound crazy to say, but who knew it was that easy to make them?  Homemade cheesecake crust is on the horizon.

I really wanted nutella ice cream to go with my grahams.  Someday I will have NI and HGC's together at last.

I am rambling because I am exhausted.  I can feel my eyes sinking back into my skull haha. 

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