Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Drawing Journal

 So I really like the idea of art journaling, and I wanted to do my own take on it.  I have watercolors, but not pastels and similar.  I also don't like crinkled up pages of books that were not meant for watercolors.  So, I decided to alter this a little and call it a drawing journal, and mostly stay in colored pencils.  The benefits, as I see them, include nothing bleeding through the paper and me not having to purchase anything extra.  Except maybe more colored pencils but that has little to do with this book and everything to do with me not enjoying the selection that my pack came with.

Anyway, I believe I am going to start each page out with a line pattern like this where I will write whatever I am thinking about at that moment.  I have yet to decide if I am going to do pages or spreads, but I am thinking about just pages.  That way, whatever I need to get off my chest has only one small sketchbook page to happen.  No room for fluff!

I also decided that I want to take the main point of the message and convert it into the artwork.  For my first little entry I was thinking about what it means to be me.  The overall concept that I used to the artwork soon became "Strong Bird by definition, Green Zebra by choice."

This fit my color scheme well and comes from when I used to look through those baby name books to see what mine and others names meant.  Between my first and middle name I get strong bird.  Maybe that's accurate, maybe it isn't, all I know is that I really do think peacocks are gorgeous and penguins are hilarious and ostriches are just awkward looking in the best way possible.  So maybe I am cool with the bird idea.

But since I am not the typical young adult and am very much not always the typical female, I identify more with my concept of being a greenzebra in a sea of black and white (in case anyone was ever wondering where the greenzebra stuff came from, that is part of it). 

I really think this could be a fun idea and a good use of a sketchbook.  This is going to be for all of my things that I may not want to specifically put on my blog, but may eventually want to show someone.

Should be fun!

Happy crafting.

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