Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tractor Cake

Today was my cousin's oldest son's birthday.  He loves tractors and army tanks.  As everyone knows, I am a big fan of yummy and edible decorations.  I knew we had a tractor mold, as we had the candy mold tub out for Christmas and I recalled seeing them.

We melted colored candy melts and made tractors in some of the most tractor-y colors we had.  My mom agreed to let me do this cake myself, which was a blast. For an easy piping around the top of the cake, I basically just did regular and upside down U's that connected into each other to create a rope.  On the bottom I did shells.  Up the corners I did forward and backward C's.  I like to explain things in completely non-cake terms, after all.

Regardless, cocoa and powdered sugar were mixed together and sprinkled on the cake to make a dirt mound, and green stars formed the second mound.  An army of chocolate tractors and letters to spell his name were placed on the cake.  On the sides, I used a lighter green and a grass/hair tip and put a tractor on each side as well. 

A set of happy birthday candles later and this cake was ready to go.  My mom likes these candles because with as little time as candles are lit, they are perfectly reusable.

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