Saturday, January 12, 2013


So as everyone has probably figured out by now I like to take things that really weren't necessarily made for jewelry and turn them into necklaces and other things.  In this case, it was a guitar pick.  My boyfriend plays the guitar, and I was thinking about how awesome it would be to put one of his picks on a necklace to wear about. 

I also just happened to have a green guitar pick from the days after I won a guitar that I thought I would learn how to play.  I still haven't quite really started that yet (haha) so I thought this pick would find a much better home with him. 

Now, I don't like to ruin things that could ever potentially be useful or needed again.  I could have popped a hole in this or E6000 the heck out of it, but that is quite unneeded when you have an army of wire to choose from.  I chose a bronze wire to keep in the usual steampunk style color schemes of bronzes and blacks and metals all together.  I always start my bails by doubling the wire and making the middle section the loop that will hang it.  Then it is just a matter of going around the sides or corners of something to until the wires are crossed enough so that it will stay.

Also, I wanted to throw in a nod to a song that is pretty special to both of us, which is Coheed and Cambria's song Pearl of the Stars.  It is really an excellent song and one we both like really well.  I had star earrings from back in the day that I took apart and used an extra pearl from my beading box.  I attached them to each other also with bronze wire so that it would all blend in.

I have had a pretty fantastic weekend and it has been finished off with some delicious chicken tortilla soup (yes, my verdict is you must add rice to chicken tortilla soup it is the only way the world will make sense) and some rain.  Really now, what else can you ask for? I happen to love BOTH.

Make meaningful jewelry, it wears better.

Happy crafting. Pin It Now!

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