Sunday, January 27, 2013

Chipotl-Egg Bacon Cheeseburger

Go out any buy texas toast right now. The really thick bread.  Or sourdough.  Something fancy, because this burger could easily handle a fancy bread.

I made this a few nights ago and wasn't really sure if it was craft of the day worthy, but I have definitely decided it is.  Look at the picture, it just says post me.  All those layers? Who can argue.

ANYWAY, you need:
-1/4 pound of 90/10 ground sirloin, formed into a burger.  I like mine thin and sometimes I do 1/5 pound but you get the drift, a sirloin burger.
-2 strips of bacon, cut in half for easy use on the burger
-1 egg
-Colby Jack Cheese
-Chipotle mayo

I used my largest Rachel Ray green skillet that way I could end up eventually with everything in the same place and not have to wash a million dishes.  I dropped the bacon and burger at the same time, as I like my burger well done and my bacon just shy of completely crispy.

Burgers are one of the foods that will actually tell you when it is ready to flip and for that I love it right as much as I love pancakes.  It is essentially foolproof if you are of the variety that likes yours a little more on the done side.  If you like yours with a strip of pink down the center...I don't want to know so don't tell me.


Anyway I like to flip my burgers once and once only.  So when the burger juices all start coming to the top and the edges start to pull up from my skillet, it gets a good flip.  Bacon I sometimes flip multiple times, or I flip it once because I forget I was cooking it.

So once the burger was flipped I let it cook a few minutes on the new side, took care of the bacon, and scooted it all to the other side of my skillet when it was a few minutes away from done.  I cracked an egg close to the other side, the burger and bacon made me not have to grease the skillet which is efficient if you ask me.  I let it cook for just about a minute as I threw the eggshell in the trash and wiped off my hands.  Then, I put a big lid over the whole skillet and let it all cook until the egg whites were completely white and not mushy when I poked at it with my spatula.

There is something else I hate, mushy egg whites.  The yolk was still runny in this egg, as it should be.

Then it was just a matter of assembling it all on toast, which you could skillet toast if you are just throwing all caution to the wind at this point. I suggest a sourdough or texas toast with a little butter on it cooked in the skillet for a few minutes until golden.  Then I put the cheese and mayo on and assembled the buger.

It was hot.

It was juicy.

It was spicy.

It was super savory.


I would consider avocado and a huge slice of tomato on it next time, but I had neither of these in my fridge.  I really need to buy some avocado, now that we have had this talk...

Anyway, the goal in life should be to not just make food, but make DELICIOUS food.

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