Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cheap and Easy Display Case

My friends had a lot of baseball cards that they wanted to display.  Actual baseball cards displays can be expensive, so my best friend asked me what I would suggest doing.

Now, mind you, she asked me when my car was broken down and I was in somewhat of a flustered mood.  However, she knows me all too well and knew I couldn't resist an opportunity to brainstorm some solution.

Here were a few of my ideas:
-A shadowbox with velcro backing, and velcro dots on the back of the plastic baseball covers to arrange them in a large collage.
-If a shadowbox with velcro could not be located, putting cork or foam board in a shadow box or display case and hot gluing tacks to the back of the covers to create the collage.
-Attaching magnet strips to any backing and the back of the covers to use in a poster frame or other inexpensive solution, OR attaching business card backs to the covers and using a metal pan with a lip (spray painting the lip black or similar) as the shadow box itself to create a collage.

She probably got 20 texts over the course of an entire conversation as I kept thinking of different ways it could be attached.

 They opted for a large poster frame, which is a great solution for this because you can find poster frames at very budget friendly prices.  Rolls of magnet strips can almost always be found in craft sections of stores or in office sections.

The magnets can be attached directly to the backing that comes in the frame, meaning even less you have to purchase in the first place. 

The visual of the strips through the sides of the covers also adds an extra layer of design without any extra work.  That, is my kind of solution. It would be so easy to switch out the cards if need be and rearrange this as needed.

This would be a quick and easy way to make a versatile and easy to change family photo collage as well, with all pictures or slots of pictures mixed with decorative paper. 

Happy crafting!

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