Monday, January 14, 2013

Overtime: The Movie You Need to Watch

Now, this is not my craft, but it is an EXCELLENT craft by someone else.  And I am all for sharing my blog for people I know and their awesome works.  This movie has a lot of ties with me, first and foremost because it was created and produced by Louisville residents and filmed in the 'Ville.  Also, one of the main guys behind this production is the fiance of a friend of my sister's.

I saw this movie when I went to my first horror film screening.  We got into the room where they were showing the films a little early, and we saw the end of the one that showed before this.  It was not the best film I had ever seen, and I was a little worried about what Overtime would be like.  I looked at my sister and gave her one of those "where the heck have you brought me" looks. 

However, as soon as the film started, I was blown away.  I leaned over to my sister and said "omg it looks like a real movie!!" because the previous one had not.  As soon as the movie itself started, I was completely hooked and entertained the entire time.  And I am picky on movies.  The movie, in my opinion, is an action/thriller type flick. It does have somewhat scary undertones in the creepy zombie/aliens, but it is way too awesome to just be called a scary movie. 

For a very quick overview, the main characters have some business to take care of for their boss pertaining to a drug dealer and a drug smuggling plot that just keeps getting bigger.  However, when they go to track down this guy they end up in way more trouble than they bargained for with some non-terrestrial issues underfoot.  They basically have to get in, save the world, and be back in time for cake at a birthday party.  That is, if they remember the cake.

The entire movie is full of action, is incredibly funny, and will keep you more than fixated the entire time.  It has the stamp of approval from my boyfriend, who is also picky on what he considers a quality movie, and you definitely need to get your hands on a copy.  I got mine from, but you might be able to find it at your Wal-Mart as well, among other retailers.  The point is, do whatever it takes to get your copy, because it is well worth your time and money, and you will be watching it multiple times.

I consider this a public service announcement to bring you news of the best new things I find.  You are welcome.

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