Sunday, December 9, 2012

Steampunk Ornament, Round 2.

After not being impressed with a past steampunk ornament I did, I opted to give it another try.  This is most likely due to the fact that I have recently found a new really good friend that I seem to have a lot in common with, and he is also a fan of steampunk style things. 

I am once again not very sure that I am qualified to do steampunk anything, I don't know a whole lot about it but I do know that I really like it.  I relate to it for whatever reason. 

I can also relate to hot air balloons, which is what this is, because I completely LOVE the movie UP! (I am adding this random note here so I can punctuate after because that movie title messed me up...) haha.

Probably because my friends are convinced I am a robot.  Or maybe that I like gadgets.  Or perhaps because I like gadgets. 

Oh right.  You are here for the how-to.  Get some metallic gold paint, heavy on the dusty vintage, some copper/red puffy paint, jewels, watch gears, and a lightbulb.

I painted it with the gold and let it dry for a bit.  What is it setting in, you ask? A styrofoam cup with slits in the bottom. It makes for a perfect lightbulb holder.

I ate a delicious dinner and then used the puffy paint to do the linework.  After I was done I used the E6000 to put on the jewels and gears and glued the gears on and let them rest on the cup.  Remember that the less dry your paint is the harder it is going to be for your stuff to stick on and stay in place. 

And as always, keep in mind that everything has a backside, so some flaws can be hidden by the grace of quality arrangement later.

I don't feel like steampunk needs to be perfect, personally.

This once again did not turn out as awesome as I had hoped.  Isn't that always the case when you are fluffing around trying to be all cool?  Yes, yes it is.  Foiled again.  I will get that cool card back someday, mark my words.

On a random note, there is a nice spring storm going on the middle of December.  It is mind boggling.  Quite frankly, this is why I adore Indiana. The weather is completely unpredictable and I love it.  She just does what she wants.  Cold one day, hot the next.  70's in December, snowing on Derby.

I just can't help but smile.

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